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BA-AS is led by two senior architects: Christina Behrendt and Gijs Adriaansens. With a combined professional experience of 25 years in all phases of the building process and common architectural ambitions, they founded BA-AS in 2020.

With attention and focus we dedicate all our knowledge and experience to new projects and are available for consulting in all phases of a project. The understanding of the whole building process from the urban masterplan to architectural details leads to coherence in design, materialization and realization. 


An analytical approach to design gives us the right balance between pragmatism and creativity. Maybe this is also the product of our cultural backgrounds: a combination of Dutch free thinking with German 'Gründlichkeit'.


Our projects are created together. Depending on the scale and typology of the commission, we work from our core team and within a network of advisors. We embrace the new way of collaborative working to reach the highest quality and to keep it fresh and fun!


All stages of the proces


Concept - Completion

Strategic Definition

Design-based research

Alle fases

Architectonisch ontwerp

Schets tot uitvoering


Ontwerpend onderzoek

Urban design


Development plan

Design Codes / Guidelines

Feasibility / Capacity

Strategic Definition

Vision Strategy


Stedenbouwkundig ontwerp




Stedenbouwkundige visie


Design-based research


- Urban Design

- Architecture


- Typologies

Ontwerpend onderzoek

- Stedenbouw

- Architectuur

- Haalbaarheid

- Typologiën



Bouwstenen van de campus. Typologische vergelijking van universiteitsgebouwen in Delft en Eindhoven

Adriaansens, G.

In: OverHolland 18/19, Universiteit en Stad

ISBN 9789460043048

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven


Masterplan Tilburg University

o.l.v. Prof. Christian Rapp

Apelt, H., Roorda, R.P.J., Adriaansens, G., Notten, M.H.P., Hoogendam, E. & van Kaathoven, B.A.H.L.

Bauhütte - design based research group Technische Universiteit Eindhoven


Masterplan TU/e Science Park

o.l.v. Prof. Christian Rapp

Adriaansens, G., Schlatmann, M. A. H., Strick, W. H., Kruijf, M.

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

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